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[CLOSED] Quick 8-tuplets Motivation Reward

Posted: 2021-07-14 02:56:45
by romezowe
First address that will find at least 8-tuplets prime will get ~55 RIC - small prize but not last from me :)
I will send this prize according with list placed here: to the mining address.

Its modest but hopefully motivating amount of ~55.1 RIC prize including lucky 0.1 RIC (partially mined in 2020 on the PC from 2004y during experiment). I keep these RIC-s from some time and promised myself that I will give them out so treat it as special purpose lucky coins ;) (with big ";-)")

Winner address will be taken from blockchain and also placed here.
Searching for the winner starts at 04:00 AM UTC 14 JUL

If you found at least 8-tuplets prime before I find you - write here! :)

Re: Quick 8-tuplets Motivation Reward

Posted: 2021-07-14 05:48:21
by romezowe
Prize 55.34949024 RIC goes to RSoTqUcauJewHZYmPnM8w3p1LVcV5C2Fh1 (Transaction ID: 3f005e8c02a7c454dfc82fc41472c8aa8f8773751cb0977f1db3e5533305047f) - Congratulations!

Found at:
Height Timestamp (UTC) Difficulty
1544394 2021-07-14 05:31:34 944.508