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Feature Suggestion: Mining Score

Posted: 2021-06-04 20:28:23
by TheRealCharlesMorris
I think it would be nice to see how many blocks we have mined.

One implementation of this would be: next to our usernames, for example "pttn 1,000,000 (mining icon)".
Another idea would be displaying it in the badges area.

Perhaps this can be done by connecting with the constellation explorer.

One possibility for the mining icon is:

Re: Feature Suggestion: Mining Score

Posted: 2021-06-04 20:29:15
by TheRealCharlesMorris
Or to the right, where it says "Posts: "...
It could also say "Blocks: ..."

Re: Feature Suggestion: Mining Score

Posted: 2021-06-06 18:19:40
by Pttn
Thank you for the suggestion!
I already thought about creating a ranking for the Constellation Explorer, and the scores could be displayed on the Forum like you suggested. This will be part of a much bigger Riecoin project, which I will hopefully be able to release sometime in July or August.

We could have for example
- 1 point for 7-tuples
- 50 points for 8-tuples
- 2500 points for 9-tuples and longer

I am just unsure which system would be the most fair, if it should take in account the Difficulty...

Re: Feature Suggestion: Mining Score

Posted: 2021-08-14 03:17:27
by Pttn
The ranking is now live! The following point distribution rule was chosen:

- 1 point for 7-tuples;
- 32 points for 8-tuples;
- 1024 points for 9-tuples;
- 2048 points for 10-tuples

There are about 50-70 7-tuples for each 8-tuples, but it seems a bit much to give 50 points for 8-tuples and 2500 points for 9-tuples. If one chooses to configure rieMiner to find longer tuples, the ratio would be about 16-18 currently, so a 8-tuple should still be worth more than 16-18x a 7-tuple. 32 seemed to be a good choice, and it would also reward those choosing to tune their miner for longer tuples.
10-tuples only yield the double of 9-tuple as it would skew so much the ranking if someone finds one and gets 32768 points at once...
But the system may change in the future if needed.

Linking the Forum Profile to the Constellation Explorer one and showing the points directly here will be proposed at some point in the future.