Prime 10-tuplets

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Want to beat a world record with Riecoin software? Let us know and share your experience! Current topics normally already cover the records you may try beating, but feel free to create new ones in the same style, especially if you found new ways to beat them. Also share your discoveries here (found a new algorithm, significant optimizations,...)!
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Prime 10-tuplets

Post by Pttn »

Discussion about beating the prime 10-tuplet record. Let us know about your attempts, share your optimal settings, or ask for them.

Here is a guide to configure rieMiner in order to look for records.

Current record: 33521646378383216495527 * 331# + 4700094892301 + d, d = 0, 2, 6, 8, 12, 18, 20, 26, 30, 32 (156 digits, ~520 bits)
By myself on April 4 2020 using rieMiner 0.91 [ric][/ric]. ... uplets.htm

Good Luck!
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Re: Prime 10-tuplets

Post by image28 »

Just testing at the moment, going to attempt to setup two Xeon Phi 5110's Along with a 12 core ryzen (with SMT turned off), and go for 10-tuplet records. Currently running on xpoolx with just the Ryzen.
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