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Mining Orphans

Posted: 2021-11-14 01:11:44
by JanetYellingBTC
Hello everyone!
I've been mining Riecoin and this month (November) I have mined 30 blocks that I haven't received credit for. I see on the Riecoin Explorer that someone has mined 70% of the last 100 blocks and 65% of the last 1000 blocks. I assume this is why I am getting so many orphans? It'll be like 2 whole days straight where I get orphan blocks and then it'll be okay for a whole day or two and then right back to a whole day of orphans again. Kind of frustrating. I guess I'm just wondering if this other entity that is mining so many blocks is my problem?

My CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor 3.40 GHz
with 128 GB of RAM

Thanks for any input

Re: Mining Orphans

Posted: 2021-11-14 06:52:07
by Pttn
Welcome here.

The big miner you are talking about is the Suprnova Pool (ric1q28ww5dvfdrat238t0ln2mnrk4x0akz7l5798v0). Unfortunately, a lot of miners and especially some big miners don't care about Riecoin and just choose whichever pool is the most popular, giving it a ridiculous part of the network's mining power and a bad image for Riecoin. Meanwhile the pool operator does not seem to care either. It is so bad that I temporarily hid the pool from the's list so new miners don't go there.

Now, even with 70 or 90% of the mining power, I don't see why a pool would cause other miners to find a lot of orphans, though a pool with bad intentions did exist in the Riecoin history. Do you have the problem only recently or since long?
In my case, I don't find an abnormal amount of orphans in any of my machines, and the explorer's Orphans Chart does not show a high rate either, so it is weird that you are getting a lot of them.
Check that your connection is good and that you are connected to a lot of nodes.
Just in case, check that your clock is very well synced, for example with . The "Your clock is off by" should be less than 1 s, though Riecoin Core allows a margin of 5 s. If you are a few s off, you might get disconnected by most nodes, and your blocks might not be spread properly to the Riecoin network and get orphaned.

Try using the Riecoin Core 21.10 prerelease (despite its status, it is perfectly fine to use it for production and especially mining). Upgrade to rieMiner 0.93 as well if not done. Both might have some bug fixes that somehow solve your orphan issue.
You could also investigate the debug.log file and find if there are some noticeable patterns when you are getting orphans.

Ideally, with your processor, doing Solo Mining is the best. But if you still get many orphans, you could consider to do pooled mining for some time, then come back to Solo, assuming that this is a temporary issue and that you would not find too many stale shares with your pool. In that case obviously, don't choose Suprnova unless the situation changes. You could also try to spread your mining power, for example using 12 threads to do Solo mining, 10 threads for PrimaPool and 10 for XpoolX.

I would of course be really frustrated as well if I were in your case and got a lot of orphans. But Riecoin needs miners like you with powerful CPUs like the 5950X, please don't be discouraged by the orphans, we would be thankful if you keep mining and supporting this beautiful project that already suffered way too much. It would really be bad if we stay in a vicious circle where miners leave because of such issues, weakening the network even more.

Re: Mining Orphans

Posted: 2021-11-19 17:42:06
by kev711
yeah no reason to use pool i been solo mining riecoin and primecoin since the beginning currently hold 2% of riecoin network ... 485869.htm

Re: Mining Orphans

Posted: 2021-11-25 17:27:46
by JanetYellingBTC
Thank you for the info Pttn!

I did the updates that you stated above. However, I looked at my debug log and saw that I was being disconnected from peers on those days that I didn't receive credit for. I was being disconnected for having a time difference of 62~63 seconds. I notice now that when I restart my PC it will sometimes be a minute off so now I re-sync my clock after every start up.

I feel dumb now haha. I appreciate your help!

I purchased another 5950x to solo mine with. Hope to help diversify the network!