Prime 7-tuplet world record beaten with rieMiner!

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Prime 7-tuplet world record beaten with rieMiner!

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Congratulations to Vidar Nakling (vidarn/Art3mis), who beat the world record of prime constellations of length 7 on this Sunday, June 16 2019, by using rieMiner, the Riecoin miner! The record was confirmed by Tony Forbes in his world record page. Its prime numbers have a length of 527 decimal digits, while it was 515 for the previous record.

The world record was broken using an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 in 1130 hours, according to vidarn. A single mainstream processor. So anyone can participate in this competition and try to beat records!

While it was not directly a product of the Riecoin network and mining, this shows that this project is also producing very useful and efficient software.

If you have a recent and powerful processor, you can try to beat yourself one of the current k-tuple records using the rieMiner’s Benchmark Mode, and help gathering interest in Riecoin! Ideally, we would gather interest, not only to attract newer miners, but also experienced developers working in other prime searching projects, that could join and help us a lot to improve the Riecoin software.

Join us in the social networks if you need tips for tuning rieMiner in order to beat one of the records. Also make sure to use the latest code from Github and not simply the latest release.
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