i7-3770 Mining Optimization

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i7-3770 Mining Optimization

Post by JesseJames »

Alright hopefully someone can help me get the most out of an i7-3770 non K. Setting up the miner seems more complicated compared to other coins I've mined before so Its been a struggle setting up the config but with some minor messing around I've gotten these results .

Threads = 4
SieveWorkers = 2

4560.19 c/s

Now it seems I'm missing values for SieveBits , Difficulty , PrimeTableLimit , SieveIterations and SieveWorkers so mostly everything

I did some reading on the Benchmarking and Tuning page but I'm completely lost. From what I see on task manager is the cpu is being underused . Pc has 10gb of ddr3 of ram so I know that also effect performance to some degree . Hopefully someone can help me tune the config a bit more

Re: i7-3770 Mining Optimization

Post by DeKon »

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Your i7 is 3rd Generation and therefore a bit old. No AVX2 support.
But with its 8 threads you should be able to get a little more out of it.
You don't have to adjust the difficulty except in search mode.

For the start, no need to modify your PrimeTableLimit and SieveIterations.
Start by putting your 8 threads, and test with different values ​​in SieveBits between 4 and 6 and SieveWorkers between 20 and 23.
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