Broadcom BCM2711 (Raspberry Pi 4)

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Broadcom BCM2711 (Raspberry Pi 4)

Post by Pttn »

Share your experience here if you also mine with such ARM CPU, which is in particular used in the Raspberry Pi 4.

Here are good settings for the current Difficulties if you wish to mine with a Raspberry Pi 4. It should work even for the 2 GiB model, unless you are running other memory intensive applications (if so, reduce the PrimeTableLimit).

Code: Select all

Threads = 4
PrimeTableLimit = 1073741824
SieveWorkers = 2
SieveBits = 22
You should earn about 5 RIC/day at Difficulties around 900 if there are no other CPU intensive application.

Other tips:
  • To run rieMiner on your Raspberry Pi, you must build it yourself using the Light code;
  • You should use a 64 bits OS as a 32 bits rieMiner will mine about 75% slower;
  • You should use a good heatsink as the CPU would overheat while mining. The one pictured works well and in my case even handles an overclock to 1.6 GHz; don't use tiny heatsinks. There is no much point in getting fans but you can if you really want to mine at 2 GHz and earn an extra RIC per day, and don't mind the noise...;
  • Mining with a wired connection is recommended, for some reason I always have issues with the Raspberry Pi's Wifi...
Raspberry Pi 4 with Heatsink
Raspberry Pi 4 with Heatsink
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