Prime 9-tuplet world record beaten with rieMiner!

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Prime 9-tuplet world record beaten with rieMiner!

Post by Pttn »

And here is a third record beaten using rieMiner, again by Pttn! This time, it was the biggest known prime nonuplet, with numbers having 214 digits, while it was 203 for the previous record from 2017. Here is the base prime n:


Constellation pattern: (n, n + 2, n + 6, n + 8, n + 12, n + 18, n + 20, n + 26, n + 30)

The processor was again an AMD Ryzen 3700X @ 4 GHz and it was estimated to take about 30 days to find such octuplet. This time, it took less time, about 15 days of number crunching.

The nonuplet was submitted to Tony Forbes, who confirmed its validity and listed it on his website showing the largest known prime constellations. Currently, three of the records (septuplets, octuplets and nonuplets) were done using rieMiner.

Again, we hope that breaking new records regularly with rieMiner will eventually attract some interest in Riecoin! Everyone is more than welcome to join the competition!
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