[Closed] rieMiner-Qt - Windows

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[Closed] rieMiner-Qt - Windows

Post by DeKon »

Version 2 For Windows


- Double mining at the same time (2 miners)

- Tune rieMiner for your CPU easily in minutes

- Tuples counters

- Automatic saving of the settings on the 2 miners (does not use rieMiner.conf)

And even more...

Home :

Mode Pool :

Mode Solo :

About :

Warning: The first run of rieMiner-Qt must be done with system administrator rights to download and save rieMiner0.92b. Right click and run as administrator.

Error on first launch :

First launch ok

The "Boot at Startup" function may not work due to administrator rights :

Critical update of 04/23/2021.
Due to commit # 26 of Apr 10-2021 on rieMiner, for technical reasons the use of AVX2 was no longer possible on rieMiner-Qt v1.
This update allows:
Detection of possible AVX2 CPU usage.
Download and use the correct version of rieMiner (with or without AVX2 support)
If the CPU is AVX2 compatible, display of the "EnableAVX2" check box in Advanced.
If "EnableAVX2 'is not available in Advanced, your CPU is not compatible.

rieMiner-Qt upgrades to version 2

Uninstall the old one to install the new one.
Your settings are preserved despite an uninstallation.

Only for Windows X64.

Download Installer :


Donation :

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Re: rieMiner-Qt - Windows

Post by nummy »

well this is super cool, thanks for creating this! can I ask what is the purpose for having a miner A and a miner B? is it to do half the threads in pool mode and half the threads in solo mode?

Re: rieMiner-Qt - Windows

Post by DeKon »

Basically the 2 miners were created for large CPUs or machines with multiple CPUs. But the use can be adapted to your convenience. For example, mine in Solo and on Pool at the same time, or mine on 2 different Pools at the same time.
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Re: rieMiner-Qt - Windows

Post by kev711 »

no way to set donation

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