AMD FX-8350 (and other Piledriver 8 Cores)

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AMD FX-8350 (and other Piledriver 8 Cores)

Post by Pttn »

Just played with an old platform with one of the infamous Amd Bulldozers/Piledriver, which was released in 2011/2012. I remember how it almost killed Amd due to very disappointing performances compared to Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge after an already delayed release, but was it that bad?

The raw performance with the 8 Cores is between the 4770K and the 5775C from a couple years later so in this sense, it was not that bad. However, the Ipc was terrible, 25% worse than the previous generation, so is the Single Core performance. The power consumption was reduced from the X6, but it is also still high.

If you have such processor and cannot afford to upgrade, Riecoin mining is still an option, but with the halving and weak hands still dumping RIC, profitability takes a hard hit.
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