Address Assignment Tool for Forum / Constellation Explorer

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Address Assignment Tool for Forum / Constellation Explorer

Post by TheRealCharlesMorris »

Now that all addresses/keys can be used to sign messages in the wallet, there is no barrier to making a tool interface to assign addresses in the constellation explorer. This would reduce administrative work for @Pttn and/or others.

Sign(Address, "This address <...> belongs to "TheRealCharlesMorris" at the Riecoin Forum")

when submitted to the interface would automatically assign the address.

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Re: Address Assignment Tool for Forum / Constellation Explorer

Post by Pttn »

It is already possible, use the "Generate Code" feature for this. If you don't see the feature, then upgrade to the latest Riecoin version.
If you mean adding more than 1 address in the Constellation Explorer in an automatic way, I might eventually do that, but it is low priority. For now just contact me if you want to associate more addresses.
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