Riecoin Core 0.20.0 released, hard fork information, and new Forum

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Riecoin Core 0.20.0 released, hard fork information, and new Forum

Post by Pttn »

It has taken some time, but the Riecoin network is now ready for the hard fork, with almost every miner, pool, and a majority of nodes having upgraded to 0.20 RC or planning to do it soon.

In order to finalize the fork, the stable version of Riecoin Core 0.20 has been released, and a Mainnet fork block has this time been set. The Riecoin network will hard fork at Block 1482768, or around March 29, which should give plenty of time for anyone still using old versions. Please upgrade to 0.20 as soon as possible!
Find the latest binaries here.
Exchanges and other services like Block Explorers will directly be notified about the fork.

As a reminder, the fork brings an important PoW upgrade, allowing miners to find much more interesting prime constellations and beat records, improves the Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm and implements stricter time checks to make the network more robust, and fixes some protocol design issues. You can learn more by reading the previous news, which also reminders which actions to take if you are still using older versions. In these cases, even though the upgrade should go fine, we always recommend to backup your private keys just in case.

If you already upgraded to 0.20 RC, the only thing you have to do is to restart your node with the stable 0.20 version, and you will be ready for the fork. No other action has to be done.

One more news, Riecoin now has an official forum! News will starting from now always be posted there, and development discussions will mainly take place here too, rather then being spread throughout Discord, GitHub or other places. The forum will help to organize discussions and make them more open and broad. We recommend everyone interested in Riecoin to join the forum!
The Riecoin Forum: https://forum.riecoin.dev/
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