Tuning rieMiner for the Second Fork

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Tuning rieMiner for the Second Fork

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As you should know, the PoW will change significantly after the Fork. While we will still be looking for Prime Constellations, the Constellation Pattern Length will be 7 instead of 6 and the Difficulty will be reduced by a factor of about 1.5x (to about 840). 7-tuples at a Difficulty 1.5x lower are slightly easier to find than 6-tuples at the original Difficulty, which anticipates a slight Mining Power reduction as some miners have still not upgraded their software.

If you are still using rieMiner 0.91, please upgrade Asap to 0.92 (and Riecoin Core 0.20 for Solo Miners)!

In all cases, at the fork, rieMiner 0.92 will restart automatically and start mining 7-tuples. If you did not tune advanced parameters like the PrimeTableLimit or the SieveWorkers, they will automatically be set to new acceptable values for the new PoW parameters and you will not have to take any action.

If you modified the PrimeTableLimit or the SieveWorkers, rieMiner will keep them, but they will likely be far from optimal and you should retune these values.

In general, given the longer Tuple Length and the lower Difficulty, an optimal PrimeTableLimit value will be lower. Before the Fork, a PTL of about 2^33 = 8589934592 (if you had enough RAM) was a good value, but for 7-tuples at Difficulty 840, a good value would rather be around 2^31 = 2147483648. You may still try a larger value, but the benefits would be less important, or performance may even be worse, especially if you have to increase the SieveWorkers.

The new PoW parameters will in general also require more SieveWorkers to avoid CPU Underuse, so you will likely have to increase this number. Remember that increasing this will increase the memory usage.

Do some tests with the Benchmark Mode using a 7-tuple ConstellationPattern (it is already the case with the default setting) at a Difficulty around 840 in order to find and put optimal post Fork values.
The Tuning Guide is still valid and recommended to follow.

If you want to beat a record while mining, read this guide. You will certainly have to lower the PrimeTableLimit and increase the SieveWorkers even more.
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