Riecoin Second Hard Fork Successful!

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Riecoin Second Hard Fork Successful!

Post by Pttn »

The Riecoin network successfully hard forked this Monday 29 at Block 1482768 as expected and without any incident. Thanks to everyone who made this fork possible!

Starting from now, every miner will have the possibility to beat prime k-tuplets records while mining. If you are interested, follow this guide in order to configure rieMiner to find longer constellations.

In addition to be a network ready for future improvements, Riecoin also proved once again that it provides efficient software and concrete results for scientific research as the 8-tuplet world record was recently beaten again using rieMiner.
A reward of 2000 RIC was claimed for this record, be sure to check the interesting Riecoin bounties that are currently proposed to earn yourself some sound money! To celebrate the Fork, we are also extending our 77,777.77 RIC Anniversary Bounty (worth more than $1000 at current prices) for interesting records by three months!
If you want to see something accomplished and are paying in RIC, do not hesitate to propose your own bounty as well!

One last news, there is a new Riecoin pool, you can now mine RIC on MiningMadness.com.
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