[Closed] rieMiner-Qt - Android

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[Closed] rieMiner-Qt - Android

Post by DeKon »

[ CLOSED ] rieMiner Android ARM version 1.0 for Riecoin Core

No root needed!

The old phones and tablets in the back of your drawers will finally make you money!

Features :

- Tune rieMiner for your ARM CPU easily in minutes

- Tuples counters

- Automatic saving of the settings (does not use rieMiner.conf)

- Minimum Android 7

And even more...



RI = RefreshInterval
Host : If an address does not work, use the IP directly.
User : Solo, put your RPC Username. Pool, put your riecoin address.
Password : Solo, put your RPC Password. Pool, put your worker password if needed.
Solo Adresse : Put your riecoin address. Only for Solo mining.
SW = SieveWorkers
SB = SieveBits
SI = SieveIteration
PTL = PrimeTableLimit
CP = ConstellationPattern

- How to change values?  Can't remove "Automatic"?
Select the entire word to delete it.

- How to reset the values ​​to "Automatic"?
Set the value to 0.

Tested on Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Android 8.

Warning: No protection has yet been integrated, neither against CPU overheating nor against battery discharge.  You use this software knowingly.

Download :


Donations are appreciated and accelerate the development of new features and versions :


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