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The Million RIC Bounty

Post by Pttn »

Marketing has always been an issue for Riecoin as we never found the right person, that both truly supports the project and has the possibility to reach a lot of new users and the experience. Riecoin remains in the shadows despite providing concrete solutions to concrete issues and concrete results. It has been so since too many years. So, we are offering a large bounty to whoever makes a fruitful partnership with us, and significantly contributes to the Riecoin adoption. has a good page explaining what is Riecoin and why it is a currency superior to basically any other PoW altcoin. With its useful PoW, Riecoin make the existence of hash altcoins an aberration and nobody should be mining them.
Despite that, there are only about a hundred of Riecoin miners overall, while thousand times many are mining useless hashes. This also shows the potential Riecoin has if it gets the attention it deserves.
Sadly, people only see Riecoin as yet another mineable coin for profits as they don't really care about how things actually work, and would leave for any other of these useless hash altcoins if they were more profitable. Fixing this issue would be one of your jobs in order to get the Bounty.

Please post here only if you have serious intentions to fulfil the Bounty conditions.
Other posts will be removed and their authors may be cautioned Image or sent off Image depending on the intention of the post. Empty talkers will be sent off permanently Image.

Reward: 1,000,000 RIC
From the Cold Wallet ric1qx685t7z20tpty7t2p942er62eyk36k7y5hl0gh

Given that we are offering a large part of the Riecoin supply, you have a unique opportunity to make large profits depending on how your actions affect the Riecoin price. If we ever reach the USD ATH again, which is far from utopic given the billions that go in silly projects, one million RIC would be worth more than $500,000. And even much more if we reach the BTC ATH.

Conditions: there will be a period of 6 months before the payment, where you elaborate your plans in this topic to help the Riecoin adoption and take action. Over the months, we expect to see concrete positive results and events for the Riecoin project, necessary to unlock the bounty.
After the 6 months pass, we will pay you 100,000 RIC every month, but you must continue to work to support Riecoin, as well as hold these RIC until the bounty is fully paid. If we notice that you move or sell the RIC, or stop supporting the project, we stop the payments.
If there are several people or organizations claiming the Bounty, it will be shared in accordance with the results provided and at our discretion.


- You must already own at least 100,000 RIC and you must also hold them until the bounty is fully paid;
- There is no precise requirements about what to do. It is up to you, as long as our conditions are met. Be creative and find new ways to support Riecoin! Make new software or improve existing ones, find ways to make people hold or spend RIC,...;
- Your actions must have a noticeable and long term positive impact on the Riecoin community, adoption, network difficulty and price. We must see many new active users in the Riecoin discussion channels, a clear movement in the community, beat new 9-tuple and 10-tuple world records,...;
- You must already have a significant influence so we can effectively reach new people. Otherwise, even if you introduce groundbreaking developments to Riecoin, if we fail to improve the Riecoin adoption, we will not go anywhere.

We don't want:

- Cheap marketing like these "Like, Retweet and Tag" campaign that just annoy a lot of people. Promoting Riecoin as a quick bucks cryptocurrency;
- Fake account creation, comments, likes, SEO Optimization (we all receive enough spam for this) or other actions to artificially pump counters or generate fake activity and interest;
- Shill and spam in forums, chats, and other discussion platforms;
- Market manipulation, fake volume, pump and dump, though buying large amounts of RIC with the intention of providing liquidity and stability is welcomed;
- Any Hard Fork, however Layer 2 solutions are welcomed;
- Work just for the sake of getting (and dumping) the Bounty;
- There are many other wrong ways to help Riecoin, we count on you to do things right!

Time Limit: if we don't find anyone for the Bounty until the end of 2022, the 1,000,000 RIC will be burnt to reduce the supply, increase the scarcity of all the remaining RIC, and support holders.
Riecoin developer pool operator
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