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Riecoin Core 22.03 and new RIC software released, halving, 1,000,000 RIC Bounty

Posted: 2022-03-02 15:09:29
by Pttn
Riecoin Core 22.03 is out. This version ports the Bitcoin 22.0 improvements and adds a code generator, which can be used for passwordless or 2-factor authentication. It also includes the Bitcoin's Pull Requests 21500 (for exporting Descriptors) and 24058 (for initial Bip 322 message signing support). New wallets can only be Descriptor Wallets, though old Legacy Wallets are still supported.

While not mandatory, it is recommended to upgrade now to 22.03. Upgrading from 0.21 is straightforward and no particular precaution should be taken, though we will always remind you to make backups of your wallets. You can learn more about this version on the dedicated topic. If you find some time, please migrate your wallets to Descriptor Wallets; this is not urgent, but the support of Legacy Wallets will eventually be dropped. It will also be the case for Bitcoin, so doing it for Riecoin would be a great preparation.

In addition to a new Riecoin Core version, several new software were developed. rieWallet is a thin Riecoin wallet that makes it very easy to receive and send Riecoins without any setup or blockchain download. This is great for Riecoin beginners or people that don't have a powerful computer.

StellaPool is a new Riecoin mining pool software, that replaces NOMP-RIC. It was written from scratch and provides the main features that one would expect from a mining pool. StellaPool also propose an innovative PoW Credits (PoWc) feature, which distributes points to miners that can be "consumed" for services. PoWc are also designed to replace captchas. Start integrating this technology in your services to make the Internet a better place! A practical application of the PoW as captcha alternative is our new Riecoin Faucet: claim coins without solving any captcha!

A new Riecoin mining pool opened, and you can now mine RIC on! It is also currently the only mining pool that distributes PoWc, which can be consumed in the Riecoin Faucet and any service integrating this technology.

This news is a great occasion to reminder that the second RIC halving will occur in a few days at Block 1680000. This means that RIC will become scarcer over time, so now is a strategic time to stack some RIC while they are still cheap!

Thanks to all the Riecoin miners, we kept finding interesting Prime Constellations, with 50 prime nonuplets and 2 prime 10-tuplets since the second Fork, which all beat all previous world records. Some of our records are shown in the German Wikipedia, so you too, start mining RIC, create an account in the Constellation Explorer, and become a Champion! The more we are, and the larger and more interesting the k-tuplets we find are! No other PoW cryptocurrency offers such exciting competition, so consider giving up the search for hashes!

Despite our efforts, Riecoin remains in the shadows. So we have opened a Bounty of 1,000,000 RIC for whoever brings us some light! This is more than 1% of all the RIC that will ever exist and a unique opportunity to make large profits as if we ever reach the USD ATH again, which is far from utopic given the billions that go in silly projects, one million RIC would be worth more than $500,000.

One last thing, we are now using a new Twitter account. Please unfollow @riecoin and follow @RiecoinDev starting from now.

Re: Riecoin Core 22.03 and new RIC software released, halving, 1,000,000 RIC Bounty

Posted: 2022-03-02 21:50:45
by ghost14
Impressive Pttn, you're doing as much work as a complete team!

The PoW captcha is clever! Let's replace all the heaters with Riecoin miners that do heating + universal basic income + number crunching + anti captcha!

Let's hope the bounty brings us someone that makes Riecoin see some light, I always believe this project can make the world a better place

Re: Riecoin Core 22.03 and new RIC software released, halving, 1,000,000 RIC Bounty

Posted: 2022-03-03 10:38:35
by Pttn
Thank you! Indeed, but if we had a real team, it would have taken much less time...

That is a dream of a true Riecoiner!

Well, I am receiving some offers of usual and generic marketing services... But of course these people are not going to actually care about Riecoin or the fact that while we have tons of RIC, we don't have a lot of Usd or Btc and cannot even give them a try anyway... We need someone that believes in Riecoin like you and me and that has the means to give Riecoin the attention it deserves. But unfortunately for us, in this world, these criteria seem to be mutually exclusive.

Re: Riecoin Core 22.03 and new RIC software released, halving, 1,000,000 RIC Bounty

Posted: 2022-03-04 00:01:01
by ghost14
I doubt they'd even pass the forum's captcha