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Ban Decisions and Appeals

Posted: 2022-03-11 12:17:53
by Pttn
Topic for Bans decisions, comments, and appeals.
To appeal a ban, you may create a throwaway account, but your arguments must be really solid because we always have solid reasons to ban someone.

Re: Ban Decisions and Appeals

Posted: 2022-03-11 12:26:46
by Pttn
Romezowe is now Sent Off permanently Image from both the Forum and Discord, his Constellation Explorer Account banned, and his titles stripped, due to Harming the Riecoin community or project and empty talking.

I have some evidence that he is the one behind the "GPU Miner" FUD. For those who don't know, there is since a while a large miner called something like "RTX1660TEST1" in SuprNova wanting to make people think that a new GPU miner was created, thus creating some doubt regarding Riecoin being CPU only. But I can confidently say that there is no efficient GPU miner out there.
Now, that miner started doing some Solo Mining with the Address ric1qrpn2j8jh2km7y2sgem93v9qfgyz3xvrnf52g2g, writing "/GPU REAL MINER 2/" in the Coinbase Messages, and even altered the Riecoin node User Agent to "/GpuRICn:0.21.0/" in a futile attempt to trick people! And he created an account "GPUminerTESTs" (now banned) in the Constellation Explorer with that address.
My evidence does not prove formally the links ric1qrpn... = GPUminerTESTs <-> Romezowe <-> RTX1660TEST1 <-> ric1qrpn... = GPUminerTESTs, but it is very strong (if tracking the ric1qrpn... transactions, it sometimes converges to a Deposit Address that can be proven to be Romezowe's). There is a decent possibility that Romezowe is not RTX1660TEST1, but it that would not change that ban due to the other link Romezowe <-> GPUminerTESTs.
In addition, he kept pretending for months in private messages with me to support Riecoin and to be working on interesting software, but still has yet to deliver anything. Meanwhile he is behind all that GPU FUD stuff. He is also dumping hundreds of thousands of coins on exchanges, pressuring heavily the markets and making very difficult for the price to be stable - though everyone is free to do anything with their coins, you don't do that while you say that you support Riecoin! And that person dares to ask what he is doing wrong! Liars and empty talkers have no place in the Riecoin community. And I am not the only one who was annoyed by all his empty talk.
It is really unfortunate that such a large miner that found very interesting records uses its power to harm the Riecoin community and project, while that person has a lot of resources that could instead be used to actually help Riecoin a lot!

He may make an appeal with some throwaway account, but I highly doubt that he would bring anything meaningful for his defence... Though if he can actually show a real and efficient Riecoin GPU miner, only then, I could consider unbanning and present my most humble and sincere excuses ;). Or even simply start to do actions that actually help Riecoin, things that I already repeated thousands of time! And not just ironic 0.01 RIC donations!

By the way, we can confidently affirm that there is no efficient GPU miner out there. Beware of persons that may propose you a "GPU" or "optimized" or "modded" miner in exchange for money, they are scammers.

Re: Ban Decisions and Appeals

Posted: 2022-03-12 09:16:52
by Pttn
Dang, why won't he just move on... You are past 40 years old, aren't you? And not some "child"? So you must know when it is time to move on!

Re: Ban Decisions and Appeals

Posted: 2022-03-12 10:43:31
by Pttn
Now insulting me on Twitter and Reddit, and thinking that the Halving is "Blochchain Manipulation"! U Mad, Bro?
And I don't have a Pttn account on Twitter, so he just involved someone completely unrelated by mentioning @pttn...
It is after being banned that the Faux Affably Evils show their true colors.

Re: Ban Decisions and Appeals

Posted: 2022-03-12 20:30:23
by ghost14
That's some real dick moves. Absolute scum of the Earth and disrespect to all your hard work and your family.
Manipulate the blockchain for the halving? Sure, he'd make a GPU miner with such advanced knowledge! I want to see it too!

Re: Ban Decisions and Appeals

Posted: 2022-03-13 08:49:26
by RomanLikePTTNN
Hello Thomas. On the Bitcointalk forum message waits for you.

ghost14 - You named me scammer? Please remove it or insert a proof here. I am dick? You know what to say. Have any questions? We cal talk BY VOICE. OK? Waiting. Number sent to by PM.

Re: Ban Decisions and Appeals

Posted: 2022-03-13 12:08:20
by Pttn
Sorry man, I offered one last chance to redeem yourself, but you wasted it on BitcoinTalk.

Frankly if it is to attract this kind of people, this makes me just want to stop Riecoin development.

New registrations are now temporarily manually approved due to this person still creating more accounts.

BitcoinTalk posts for reference in case moderators there decide to remove all that nosense.
Hello Thomas. I invite you only for phone talk. Do not afraid and don't hide after public.
Please paste our talks from Discord here, all messages with screenshots so if you don't have anything to hide you will provide
our talk history here. Please only delete my phone number I sent you.

How many times we talked?

Also if you wanted attention you get it.

- offering by me financial help for project : you name it empty words - proof?
- talking with you about my ideas about project : you name it empty words - PLEASE SHOW ME WHERE MY IDEAS WERE PUBLISHED AND PROMISES TOO,
do you always score people and discriminate people wanted to talk with you?
- naming my records as Banned is Manipulation - am I wrong?
- PLEASE publish here when I talked about GPU miner? 3 days ago? And am I offered GPU miner? Please publish proof here. Miner mod? Am I annoyed other users?

PLEASE REMOVE ALL URL's I SENT YOU AND PASSWORDS including names and mails from messages you publish here, IT IS PRIVATE DATA

Remember who you asked about some mining pool to get them info "GPUminerDOESnotEXIST" ?

Optimized Riecoin Miner - I optimized your miner a long time ago, you first asked me - JUST PASTE HERE ALL OUT MESSAGES. You calling me a scammer. Waiting for apologize me until today 3 PM UTC. if you will not apologize me then case will be managed by Lawyer. I am not a scammer.
GPU Miner - why You can compile it under OpenCL (eg. CUDA)? It is possible, but performance will be low... or not? :>

Any previous contact with you was to help you and your project, especially last one, so lets ban other Riecoin users from project, this is very "good" for project future.

If you mean again that I sell all Riecoins then I will sell them again and friend of my friend will ban you on his personal ICM.
And for real - you are serious to be angry for selling RIC?

I promised you that I will mine 80% of blocks daily - man, you are >30 years old....

This is my last public information about it. I treated you as "friend", i was wrong. Live long and prosper. Just waiting to say "I am sorry" from you. Remember nice guy that
almost "forced you" to modify miner for manage more SieveWorkers and when he asked question not suitable for you? You banned him, he really wanted to help. So he also deserve for your apologize... more than me.

I am sorry and I need to apologize you that no project was released publicly from my side, when I will have time maybe I will release something,
but I will ban myself before I do anything - JOKE.

Waiting for apologize. I also apologize you that last 3 days I named my wallet, address GPUMiner - sorry, 3 days man! DAYS !!!!
If you don't have money to call me, let me know we can talk in real.

11:11 AM UPDATE: I also see that on your forum I was named as scammer so after you read my message I will wait 1 hour then I will report it also to authorities.
Okay everyone, grab some pop corn.

Frankly, I don't really know your true intentions. Maybe you really want to help Riecoin. But your actions are clearly harming us instead, and don't reflect your words of supporting Riecoin and seeing it as the best cryptocurrency ever. What you are saying here is a good summary of our talks and it just need my version. You want me to be sorry? Then Ok, sorry man, I get that you are angry, it is normal to be after being banned... And I thank you for explaining yourself here. I give you a chance to appeal and you are taking it, so let's discuss.
Now, just Chill and stop insulting me in the social networks, delete that Tweet and Reddit comment, Ok? Only then I will delete the screenshot showing your name. I have no obligation to delete them otherwise because you are the one who chose to insult me and my Father and it is how the Internet works. You are the one who owes me excuses.
And don't say nonsense, there is no password or mail unless you are using your username as password.
Your username here also speaks against you... Man, this will become some Même Material...

We already talked for months on Discord and talking on phone will not bring anything and I just don't want to dox myself to some stranger. And it is better to talk about that in public so the discussion has more chance to evolve rather than stall like it did for months.

Banning you from the Constellation Explorer is no manipulation... The Explorer is not the Blockchain, nobody banned you from the Blockchain and you can continue mining... There are rules. If you prefer, you have been disqualified rather than banned, like tennis players that throw balls and hurt linesmen. And if you want, you could create your own Constellation Explorer and ban me there...

Financial support... Then care to show a Transaction Id of BTC or RIC from you sent to a donation address bc1qr3yxckxtl7lacvtuzhrdrtrlzvlydaneqela0u/ric1qr3yxckxtl7lacvtuzhrdrtrlzvlydane2h37ja? And not just 0.01 RIC donations worth just $0.00005?
Indeed, you did propose some fiat payment, but I declined, because again I don't want to dox my info, I don't trust you, and if you really want to help, it just takes some extra steps to convert your fiat to BTC and send to a public donation address. Can you do that? Would you do that? Could you donate more than just a few cents? If so, I would be glad to withdraw some "Empty words" accusations. But otherwise yes, such financial support offer is just empty words.

Oooh that nice guy? Who then downed the Riecoin community and project just because we happened to be all busy and did not reply to his question instantly? Trash talked us after all the help we already gave him voluntarily? And to be fair, he was the one who left the server first and giving us no chance to help.

Of course, I asked you a thousand times about that miner mod. There is even a public mention from you about the Mod in the Riecoin Forum. Yet you never showed anything. Where is the GitHub repository? Tell me! Show me that and I will gladly remove some more empty words accusations.
Never said that you are the scammer who proposed a "GPU miner" nor even that you talked about a GPU miner. However, you are definitively behind some "GPU miner" FUD.
I also apologize you that last 3 days I named my wallet, address GPUMiner - sorry, 3 days man! DAYS !!!!
If you apologize about doing some "GPU miner" FUD, and stop that "/GpuRICn:0.21.0/" and "/GPU REAL MINER 2/" thing, then Ok, I could accept the apologies and consider unban you. Or just show me the GitHub repository of a "real GPU miner". But if you keep spreading that FUD and harming the Twitter accounts, then I have no reason to unban someone that is misleading and harming the Riecoin community.
I am sorry and I need to apologize you that no project was released publicly from my side, when I will have time maybe I will release something,
Months have already elapsed and your other project is not that complicated, and you even say that you have a team of developers. Okay, it is easy to underestimate the time needed to complete a project, but then in this case, you at least show your progress after all this time. But no, you never show anything concrete. So yes, that is just empty talking to pretend to work on a project and deliver nothing.
And when you say that you are angry that the Halving has been decided without you last week, one can just doubt on your abilities to actually deliver something meaningful.
Waiting for apologize me until today 3 PM UTC. if you will not apologize me then case will be managed by Lawyer. I am not a scammer.
I will wait 1 hour then I will report it also to authorities.
Seriously, making threats again and again... If you used the money to actually support Riecoin instead of suing everyone that annoys you...
Frankly, with your toxic behavior, even if you do deliver things, you don't deserve to be unbanned. You are currently still spreading lies on Twitter and harming the Riecoin social media. If you stop all that bad faith and deliver, then maybe I can change my mind.
Maybe I am wrong to ban you and all, but I genuinely don't think that you will ever provide anything positive for Riecoin. Now it is up to you to prove that I am wrong by stopping all that nonsense and start providing concrete work.
Otherwise don't insist and just move on. There are thousands of other projects you could provide all your support, that would maybe welcome your help more than us. We can still remain in good terms that way.

I was going to send the message, but now I see
Thomas Failed. Sorry. I don't allow to post my messages anymore. For calling me scammer you will pay a huge price, now I am going to report it to the Police, they will forward it to Geneva and your University because they found a contact there.

So we will switch on all mining pools starting today. Now 90% miners are offline. Pleas don't contact me. Copy of message posted here will be sent to you via DM.

Password to this account also.
Okay, okay, I am soooo afraiiid...
You just wasted your last chance to be unbanned.
I APPOLOGIZE Thomas NQUYEN For Running Riecoin Node under name "/GpuRICn:0.21.0/" and for signing mined blocks by "/GPU REAL MINER 2/
I state that ALL OF FUTURE REWARDS will be rejected by me and requested to send them for helping people from Ukraine.

Waiting for your response now.
I am waiting for your response here:

Oh more banning? Riecoin will be testnet for me. You will only take responsibility for calling me scammer.

Re: Ban Decisions and Appeals

Posted: 2022-03-13 20:05:31
by ghost14
What a liar, hypocrite, depraved individual. I can't find my words. The ban's more than deserved and you even gave him a last chance that he didn't even deserve.
Don't be discouraged by that troll. You're a great developer and your work's awesome. Don't give up!