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Twitter @RiecoinDev

Posted: 2021-05-23 18:52:32
by Pttn
The Riecoin Twitter: @RiecoinDev
Please follow, like and retweet often to support Riecoin and spread the word!

I only have the permissions to write tweets, like, retweet and follow, but the original developer still owns the account @riecoin. As he is very difficult to reach, a reserve account @RiecoinDev that I own exists in case. We now moved to RiecoinDev.

By the way social media is not really my thing, so if there is someone that fully knows and supports the project and that is experienced with Twitter, that would know well what to do with the account to maximize Riecoin visibility, I am willing to share access to the account.

Re: Twitter @RiecoinDev

Posted: 2022-03-02 14:48:08
by Pttn
Since I don't longer have any way to reach the original developer, and that he never wanted to give over important accounts and despite having clearly abandoned and new developers taking over the project, starting for now, all Twitter communication will be on @RiecoinDev.
@riecoin might have 1700+ followers, but almost all of them are clearly ghost followers that either were bought or don't contribute at all to social engagement.

So please unfollow @riecoin and follow @RiecoinDev.